BRUCE COMPTON covered the "middle city" district, providing some rare aerial-type shots from One Commerce Square to complement the footage from City Hall Tower, and walked over to Benjamin Franklin Parkway to capture shots from the Logan Square area.


Here are some such views (from Commerce Square) looking down the Schuylkill toward Delaware, up the Schuylkill toward Conshohocken (Regional Rail track is in bottom corner), and a ground level shot of the Schuylkill itself - with one art shot across the Schuylkill to 30th St. station.

His set also includes vistas of City Hall from Logan Circle, and the famed fountain at that location.

Additionally, Compton documented his ride home on the PATCO train with a sequence of photographs.

A selection of Bruce Compton's photos arranged by time:

  • 12:09
  • 12:25
  • 12:26
  • 4:42 (NW)
  • 4:45 (S)