AMY GUSKIN & PAUL NORDQUIST signed up for the Forbidden Drive project, to record the level of the Wissahickon Creek and get some footage of the activity along this storied path deep in Fairmount Park.

With some false starts and wrong turns, they did indeed arrive at Forbidden Drive at Valley Green. At this spot Amy and Paul each took several nice long shots of the banks of the Wissahickon - just three weeks before they were to be forever altered by the ravages of Hurricane Floyd. Also, they got good footage of the ducks.

After a trip to the just-closed (for the day) Morris Arboretum, Amy and Paul filmed Henry Avenue and snippets of their trip back on the Roosevelt Expressway, then on the Schuylkill heading west. Thematically, their work intersects with a variety of other capsulers, most poignantly in the explanation Amy offers of the "BUTT UGLY" billboards seen in this and several other projects.