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NEIL BENSON covered the general environs of City Hall, focusing much of the time on trash and the contents of dumpsters. Neil made sure to show the 8/23 edition of the Inquirer, Daily News, and NY Times - all pulled from the trash. CAROL COLE covered all of Spring Garden Street from the Art Museum to Front Street and back, by car. Once at her studio at 915 Spring Garden, Carol filmed all the other artists who were around on August 23 about their current work.
JULIE DEERY spent Capsule Day videotaping the city's murals and the neighborhoods in which they're located, and happened upon a couple in process. While sporadic, her footage covers the most space and time. ELIOT DUHAN did three separate projects via three transportation modes: Foot (Market Street), canoe (Schuylkill River) and car (driving in from Manayunk to the Liberty Bell and up to the party that evening).
CDAVID HALL-COTTRILL had a continuous thread from City Hall to 12th & Callowhill, to 8th & Vine, to 8th & Lombard, over to Broad and back up to City Hall at noon, where a protest RV was blocking 3 lanes of traffic at 15th & Market. ANNE HARVEY filmed the interior of the SuperFresh Supermarket at 5th and Pine Streets in Old City Philadelphia, providing a video inventory of everything on sale there. During this process she also interviews a shopper about the use of coupons in 1999.
MICHAEL HOLLINGER had an appropriate trip for August 23 - he filmed his ride into town on the 23 bus from Chestnut Hill along Germantown Avenue. He also got good footage of the Chestnut Hill train station (the 23's first stop). RON KANTER spent the late morning hours on Kelly Drive capturing long, meditative scenes of people in motion - walking, running, skating, biking, rowing and sometimes riding in larger vehicles as well.
VANCE LEHMKUHL took wide-angle footage of Philadelphia from the top of City Hall tower before doing a morning (Center City out to the Schuylkill) and an afternoon (Independence Mall) walking route. JENNIFER LYNN submitted the only bike-cam footage. She filmed many sequences around 3rd and Berks (Greater Philadelphia Food Bank) then walked the banks of the Delaware River down around Pier 34.
GEORGE MCCOLLOUGH hung out at Philly Cuts, a in West Philadelphia barbershop. Conversations included how the shop got started, Chestnut Street's doormen, the future of the area, and the funkiest haircut given so far (a palm tree). KIM NEWELL did not link up with any other route in Center City, as she spent the day in and around Lansdale, stopping at Acme, stopping to see a famous pig, getting to Valley Forge in time to see them take in the flag.
PAUL NORDQUIST AND AMY GUSKIN went to the Valley Green Inn and recorded the foot traffic, the ducks, the signage, and the condition of the banks of Wissahickon Creek, 3 weeks before Hurricane Floyd. Plus: Fun car footage CYNTHIA WAY covered City Line Avenue walking from the Expressway entrance up to Belmont Avenue and back, including WPVI-TV (Channel 6) and the old "Twelve Caesars" (now Hilton), of which this is Caesar #2.


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    In the meantime, clips from most of the threads spotlighted above can be found in the
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    Clips include: Proclamation Ceremony, as presented on Action News at Noon; View from City Hall Tower; Meridian Building demolition; Mural in progress at 13th & Locust; Interview with Meg Seligman; panorama at Broad & Spring Garden including "Common Threads;" traveling south on Broad.
    Elevator ride in City Hall; Peering in at construction on "Regional Performing Arts Center;" Interview at Greater Philadelphia Food Bank; Inventories of food at home and in supermarket; Jackie Robinson mural; protest RV blocking 15th & Market at noon; getting on the 23 bus.
    Interviews at Philly Cuts barbershop; Trolley Car Diner as boarded-up building; passing shots of American Appliance, Mellon PSFS, Pier 34; overhead shot of LOVE park, Parkway; tourist runs up Art Museum steps; runners at Falls Bridge; night footage on Market Street; entering Capsule Day wrap-up party; party coverage on Action News at 11.
    About this sampler: These selections were assembled to highlight some of the interesting things that emerged out of the first Capsule Day, many of them unanticpated. Most of the cuts between one scene and the next are examples of possible hyperlink "jumps" between one person's thread and another's (complete concordance of sampler shots here), showing different ways material may be related (location, spoken content, activity, theme, etc.) While this is only a tiny fraction of each person's submission (and we weren't able to include everybody, sorry), it should give some idea of the possibilities inherent in this project.