CAROL COLE covered all of Spring Garden Street from the Art Museum to Front Street and back, by car. Her threaded video coverage, after a short introduction to the "modern suburban kitchen" of her own home, includes a drive from Bala Cynwyd into town via the Schuylkill Expressway, across the Spring Garden Street Bridge and past the Art Museum. Once at her studio at 915 Spring Garden, Carol filmed all the other artists who were around on August 23 about their current work. Some of them spoke about their work; others busily completed it as Carol filmed their studios. Here is her inventory for this unique spin on the Capsule Day idea .

Carol Cole Mixed Media Scupture
Steven DoneganCopper Sculpture
Emily SelvinStained Glass
Joe WentlandGraphic Design
Cynthia PorterWire Sculpture
Giuseppe RivieraPainting/Collage
Adele KubelPainting
Claudine KatinPrints/Drawing/Sculpture
Steve LordBronze Sculpture
G. Farrel KellumPainting
Michele CordmanPhotography
Elyce AbramsPainting
Katie SchuelePastels/Sculpture
Alan UchinPurple Gem Jewelry
John DevieglerMural Painting
Jan YagerJewelry




Time (Keyed to) Location / Action Linkable
  • Carol introduces her modern suburban kitchen for viewers of the future
  • Records the price of gas then drives up Belmont past Levering Mill Rd.
    11:57 a.m.
  • Turns left on City Line heading for expressway
  • City Line section mirrors and parallels Cynthia Way
    11:58 a.m.
  • Gets on the Schuylkill Expressway heading into city
  • Exits at Spring Garden St.
  • Goes East on Spring Garden toward Art Museum
  • Expressway from City Line to Montgomery parallels cdavid
  • Goes around Eakins oval past Art museum
  • Drives east on Spring Garden
  • Eakins oval past Art museum overlaps cdavid up to 18th Street
  • Also, multiple intersections of cdavid follow as she mirrors herself down Spring Garden and back, and then retraces her way around Logan Circle. These will someday all be catalogued, but not today.
  • 12:14
  • Crosses 3rd and Spring Garden, proceeds to Front St.
  • Turns around at Delaware Avenue and comes back westbound on Spring Garden
  • Intersects with Eliot and Tyra's evening footage and spot links with Vance
    12:18 p.m.
  • Gets out of car at Broad and Spring Garden for mural shot
  • Continues west and circles Eakins Oval once again, then turns off camera
  • Spot link with Julie Deery and with Sam Karbofsky
  • JUMP to 915 Spring Garden, entering building
  • Gives brief history of building while going down hallway
  • Carol's studio, followed by others' studios in the order above.