CDAVID HALL-COTTRILL provided the longest continuous walking thread, ranging from a City Hall restroom to 12th and Callowhill, over to 8th and Vine down to Lombard St., then over to 15th and back up through City Hall, continuing north through LOVE park past Spring Garden. On his way across 15th street he encounters this protest RV (with protesters locked inside) which is blocking 3 lanes of City Hall traffic as police discuss what to do and pedestrians act confused ...all while the tower clock slowly clongs noon.

Additionally, cdavid filmed half of his walk down Broad Street, the proclamation ceremony, and his car trip into and out of town.

Although Capsule Day, it was stressed, was about the quantity of information gathered rather than the quality, cdavid also managed to put his personal stamp on his footage, focusing on garbage trucks and trash cans, looking for discarded treasure and at one point picking up a steel grille off the sidewalk. He also took viewers into the innards of the old Please Take Materials Exchange at 12th and Callowhill, which has since relocated.

As with other pages, what follows is the most rudimentary form that the page will take, currently in the narrative-text stage, but representing the overall structure and linking networks that will underlie the eventual VR experience. A link glossary explains the different ways portions of one project may be linked to another. Over time, stlil shots and video clips will fill in for the narrative descriptions, and link possibilities will be presented visually and iconically within the imagery.

To the right is an image map of cdavid's route, a low-tech version of the mapping that will be done to allow future users to step into a Capsuler's shoes at whatever point and see the world of 1999 from that angle. Key points (e.g. City Hall) are linked to descriptions below. Try it out.

RV protestProclamation CeremonyPlease TakePackard BuildingBroad and Spring Garden8th and Marketspring garden




Time (Keyed to) Location / Action Linkable
  • cdavid faces camera and says "August 23, 1999" while cat jumps onto and off of stove behind him
  • Theme: Capsule Day
  • shot of garbage trucks outside his house
  • Theme: Trash
    About 8:10
  • enters the Schuylkill Expressway at Belmont with KYW on the radio

  • exits Schuylkill at Montgomery
  • Theme: Schuylkill
    About 8:15
  • takes West River Drive past Art Museum, Eakins Oval, onto Spring Garden

  • Parks at 16th and Wallace

  • Walks East to 15th, then turns right heading to Spring Garden
  • Parallel link with Carol Cole from Art Museum to 18th and Spring Garden

    Theme: Art Museum

  • Turns left at Spring Garden, heads East to Broad
  • Parallel links with Carol Cole, Julie Deery

    Theme: Murals


  • Turns right on Broad St., continues South past Inquirer Building .
  • Spot link with Sam Karbofsky



    Passes Packard Building on left

  • Stops taping at Broad and Vine

  • Continues at City Hall and JFK, entering City Hall, proceeding up in elevator

  • Heads down hallway toward proclamation room
  • Spot link with Len Davidson inside Packard Building

    Theme: City Hall


  • Enters proclamation room

  • Films proclamation ceremony

  • Hangs out for a couple minutes, chats with Channel 17 reporter, then

  • Exits proclamation room, heads down hallway to restroom

  • Uses restroom, takes view out window

  • Leaves restroom, descends grand stairway, exits City Hall on North side

  • Crosses JFK and continues North on Broad to Arch

  • Turns right on Arch and continues East to 12th St.

  • Turns left on 12th and continues north to Wolf Building at 12th & Callowhill
    Parallel, more or less, with:
  • Ron Kanter
  • Jennifer Lynn
  • Vance Lehmkuhl
  • Julie Deery
  • Channel 6
  • Channel 17

    Theme: Capsule Day

    Theme: City Hall

  • .

  • Enters Wolf Building, takes elevator down to Please Take M.E. chatting with reporter from Channel 17

  • Films computer screen, checks self in on paper

  • Long shot of Please Take interior
  • Theme: Longshot
  • Exits Please Take

  • Exits Wolf Building and walks to Callowhill

  • Turns right and continues East on Callowhill until 8th

  • Heads south on 8th at Callowhill

  • Lights cigarette
  • 10:51 (KYW - from here)
  • New Tape started
  • Continues south on 8th past Police Headquarters etc.
  • .
  • Comes to 8th and Market

  • Continues south to Chestnut
  • Intersection with Eliot Duhan at 5:03
  • Shoots down Chestnut at 8th & Chestnut

  • Passes Jeweler's Row on 8th - guy bums a cigarette
  • Passes trash truck somewhere around Locust
  • Continues down 8th to Lombard
  • Overlap with Vance first mirror then parallel as both continue down 8th for a half block

    Theme: Little Acts of Kindness

    Theme: Trash

    11:23 (KYW - from here)

  • Takes long stationary five-minute shot up 8th St. at Lombard
  • West on Lombard for what seems like forever
  • Passes Morris Animal Refuge
  • Picks up piece of steel grille
  • Theme: Longshot

  • Comes to Broad; goes north one block

  • cuts down Pine to 15th
  • As cdavid crosses Broad he aims his camera north to City Hall, a shot which appears in PART THREE of the CAPSULE DAY VIDEO SAMPLER.
  • goes north on 15th behind "Regional Performing Arts Center" construction
  • mirror with Vance who was at site about 23 minutes before

    intersection with Neil at 15th and Sansom

    Theme: Things that weren't there but are

  • turns right on chestnut - goes by back side of Meridian Building demolition
  • turns north on Broad up to City Hall, around the Wanamaker (Lord & Taylor) side
  • mirror of sorts with Vance from City Hall Tower earlier

    then spot link with Julie at Broad & Chestnut at about the same time


  • Crosses Street (Juniper?) and enters City Hall courtyard facing West; crosses courtyard
  • parallel with Neil, mirror with Vance, mirror with Eliot

    Theme: City Hall

    12:00 (City Hall clock) / 12:09 (KYW - from here)

  • Exits courtyard; City Hall clock starts tolling noon, slowly.

  • It quickly becomes apparent that a large RV is parked across three lanes of 15th street traffic at Market; cdavid gets footage from all sides as tower clock bell continues to toll
  • This sequence, with the protest RV in the middle of the street, is seen in PART TWO of the CAPSULE DAY VIDEO SAMPLER. Theme: Time/Clocks
  • continues North on 15th to JFK
  • goes diagonally through LOVE park

  • exits LOVE park and goes North on 16th to Cherry
  • Spot link with Joel Spivak at Municipal Building (and City Hall)

    Theme: Things that Aren't There Anymore

  • continues North on 16th to Race
  • .
  • continues North on 16th to Vine
  • mirror with Vance from start of his thread

  • gets good footage of the spot where activists will shut down city traffic during the RNC the following year

  • continues North on 16th to Spring Garden
  • Theme: Historical echo

    12:31 (KYW - from here)

  • crosses Spring Garden at 16th and proceeds up 16th to Wallace.

  • turns right on Wallace and gets to his car.

  • Almost-simultaneous Intersection with Carol Cole coming W on Spring Garden c. 12:22; E. on Spring Garden c. 12:28

    12:38 (KYW - back-calculated by matching audio as station changes)

  • puts camera in car, starts car, radio comes on with "Your Saving Grace" and Helen Leicht explaining that the theme for the day is Capsule Day
  • Audio link to rest of Leicht Lunch

    12:39 (KYW in car)
  • drives from Boathouse row to Falls Bridge via West River Drive
  • Parallel with Carol Cole up to Montgomery
  • crosses Falls Bridge, continues straight through light on Calumet
  • Mirror: Ron Kanter's morning Falls Bridge shots

    Intersect: Eliot Duhan's early-evening canoe trip

    What time it is?
  • Turns left on Ridge and continues East to Wissahickon Transfer Center
  • Theme: Ridge Avenue
    Bears left at Transfer Center, heads down Main Street

  • Continues East on Main Street to Green Lane

  • Crosses bridge, goes under Schuylkill Expressway

  • Turns right, pulls into driveway
  • Mirror link with Eliot and Tyra's night footage coming into town

    Spot link with Julie Deery at Main St. and Ridge avenue

    Theme: Things that weren't there but are
    ("Welcome to Manayunk")