• Proclamation of Capsule Day by the Mayor's office (Ron, cdavid, Vance, Julie, Jennifer)

  • Restroom (cdavid)

  • Courtyard (Vance, Neil, Eliot, cdavid)

  • Shots of Penn statue (Cindy, Carol, Jennifer, cdavid)

  • Panoramas from tower: Many clips from this perspective are included in the
    (Click on pictures for Quicktime movies - 22 MB each)
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    Clips include: Proclamation Ceremony, as presented on Action News at Noon; View from City Hall Tower; Meridian Building demolition; Mural in progress at 13th & Locust; Interview with Meg Seligman; panorama at Broad & Spring Garden including "Common Threads;" traveling south on Broad.
    Elevator ride in City Hall; Peering in at construction on "Regional Performing Arts Center;" Interview at Greater Philadelphia Food Bank; Inventories of food at home and in supermarket; Jackie Robinson mural; protest RV blocking 15th & Market at noon; getting on the 23 bus.
    Interviews at Philly Cuts barbershop; Trolley Car Diner as boarded-up building; passing shots of American Appliance, Mellon PSFS, Pier 34; overhead shot of LOVE park, Parkway; tourist runs up Art Museum steps; runners at Falls Bridge; night footage on Market Street; entering Capsule Day wrap-up party; party coverage on Action News at 11.
    About this sampler: These selections were assembled to highlight some of the interesting things that emerged out of the first Capsule Day, many of them unanticpated. Most of the cuts between one scene and the next are examples of possible hyperlink "jumps" between one person's thread and another's, showing different ways material may be related (location, spoken content, activity, theme, etc.) While this is only a tiny fraction of each person's submission (and we weren't able to include everybody, sorry), it should give some idea of the possibilities inherent in this project.